Innovative Theoretical Correlation of eπ With Mass, Number of Atoms and Enrichment Percentage (%E) Using Sayed’s Enrichment Formula


  • Sayed El-Mongy Egypt Nuclear Regulatory Authority



Correlation eπ and N AW AN M η Iγ T1/2., Sayed`s Enrichment formula


This article introduces an innovative theoretical correlation between and enrichment percentage (%E) assay. Based on the published Sayed`s theorem and its applications, a simple equation was derived to calculate the %E. Different formulas for enrichment percentage calculation are also presented in this work. The theoretical calculations using the eπ formula show results with deviation from 0.96 to ~2.8%. A correlation between eπ, number of atoms (N), count rate (C), half life time (T1/2), efficiency (η) of the detector at specific energy, the branching ratio (Iγ), Avogadro`s number (AN), atomic weight (AW) and mass (M) was also found and elucidated. It can sharply state that this is first time to calculate the %E correlated with eπ by using what is called Sayed`s enrichment formula. The correlation of eπ and N AW AN M η Iγ T1/2 is a unique and pioneer scientific approach in the nuclear fields.


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