Thermo-mechanical and wetting behavior of modified SnAg3.5eutectic solder alloy


  • Abu Bakr El-Bediwi Metal Physics Lab., Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt



Effects of adding bismuth content on structure, thermo-mechanical and wetting behavior of SnAg3.5 eutectic alloy have been investigated. Matrix structure of SnAg3.5 eutectic alloy, such as crystallinity, crystal size and lattice parameters, changed after adding bismuth content which effect on all measured properties. Melting temperature of SnAg3.5 eutectic alloy decreased after adding bismuth content. Elastic modulus and contact angle of SnAg3.5 eutectic alloy varied after adding bismuth content. The Sn66.5Ag3.5Bi30alloy has the best solder properties for electronic applications such as lower melting temperature, contact angle and elastic modulus.


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