Non-Linear Abelian Scenarios and Yang-Mills Theory


  • Saulo Machado Moreira Sousa Brazilian Center for Physical Research
  • I. Soares Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fsicas, Rio de Janeiro RJ, 22290-180, Brazil.
  • D. Leite Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fsicas, Rio de Janeiro RJ, 22290-180, Brazil.
  • R. M. Doria Quarks, Petropolis, 25600, RJ, Brazil



We present a natural formulation for constructing Yang-Mills theories from the incorporation of non-linearities to the Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism. Our formulation is strongly based on Noether's Theorem and aims to show how the introduction of non-linearities can turn a global invariance into a local symmetry as the more general Yang-Mills type of symmetry.


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