Sayed`s Theory of Dark Energy and Dark Matter Forces Nature


  • Sayed A. El-Mongy Ex. V. President of Egypt Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ENRRA)



New theory and laws of dark energy and matter, Sayed`s Force of dark energy and matter


Allah (God) is the Creator of the wonderful accelerated expansion of universe. The nature of Dark energy (DE) and matter (DM) is enigmatic mystery of the modern astrophysics. This article is a theory establishes the nature and laws of DE and DM forces. They are among the forces controlling the universe harmony and homogeneity. The derived equations were based on the published Sayed quantum gravity force formula. The Sayed`s Dark energy force (SDEF) formulas indicate that they are function in quantum gravity force (FQG), energy density(ρ), cosmological (Ʌ), Hubble (H), and Planck (h) constants. The formulas were verified and validated. For Planck and cosmos scales, the Dark energy force, energy density, and Ʌ were calculated and found to be 2.538x1084 N, 10-26 Kg/m3, and 10-52 m-2 respectively. These values are in high concordance with the declared values. The results obtained show that the DE force represents more than ¾ of the universe forces as the observations. The disputed Hubble constant was also calculated and found to be in the range; ~2.2 x10-18 s-1. It can also be stated and emphasized that the light speed violation (E≠mc2) is a must to solve the DE nature and many other universe mysteries.


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