The Mathematical Constant of Bound Space at Value 8 And -1 Constant




1:3 Pythagoras, -1 Constant


This paper is to validate by perfect mathematics / geometry the rationale behind the papers of this author published by the journal “Math Lab” and Journal of “Advances in Physics (JAP)” as referenced below. This explanatory paper is complimentary to the published papers. The square (2:2) and a rectangle (1:3) of the same value 8 by length, represents the maximal infinite and the least finite value enclosed by the same value 8 , and that the difference by area is a constant whole number -1 in all of mathematics and physics ( 2*2-1*3=1).


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Cameron, V. (2018). Math-LAB Journal, 1(3), 343-345. “The Parody of Mathematics”

Journal of Advances in Physics, Volume16(2019) ISSN 2347-3487: “The infinite inverse placement of prime numbers and their derivatives at the cone of Pythagoras1:3”.

Journal of Advances in Physics, Volume 16 (2019) ISSN: 2347-3487 “The Inverse precise placement of numbers based at Pythagoras 1:3 and the precise configuration of numbers as the basis of a unified theorem that binds the physics of mass, space, energy and the torque power(inertia) that sustains the finite universe. (Section 11, Physics).

Journal IJAMR. Paper on the pure mathematics of the inverse spiral arrangements of prime numbers, due to be published soon.




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