Performance optimization of the electro-optic Q-Switching for high power laser using RTP crystal


  • Ali. A. Hussain Iraq-Al-Qadissiya University-education college
  • Raad Shaker Alnayli Iraq-Al-Qadissiya University-education college
  • Sundus Yaseen Y. Hasan Kufa University, Najaf 54001.



In order to study the performance of proposal model crystal constructed from (Rubidium Titanly Phosphate, RTP) the birefringence, electric field application, optical, Influences of the most parametric on the electro-optical Q-switching operated for high power lasers are accomplished. The voltage requirements for productions Q-switching operation with electro-optical pockels-cells by means of this proposal as transversal configuration cell
crystal have been minimized from 1.900 kV to 1.808 kV for RTP cell these values were reduced in this work owing to the reduction of the thickness to length ratio of this crystal cell. The RTP crystal can be used with longitudinal electric field which is more suitable for high electro-optical modulation of high power lasers, but with extreme half-wave voltage, which is measured in this work and found to be 9.143 kV and 6.363 kV for x and y direction
respectively . Also, in this work, interpolated treatments on the measurements were applied using quarter-wave plate (Vλ/4) arrangement, which offered high improvement for using the linear of the transmission-voltage schemes to select the suitable requirement voltage for any levels switching.


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Author Biographies

Ali. A. Hussain, Iraq-Al-Qadissiya University-education college

phys. Dep.

Raad Shaker Alnayli, Iraq-Al-Qadissiya University-education college

phys. Dep.

Sundus Yaseen Y. Hasan, Kufa University, Najaf 54001.

Physics Department, Education College for Girls




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Hussain, A. A., Alnayli, R. S., & Y. Hasan, S. Y. (2016). Performance optimization of the electro-optic Q-Switching for high power laser using RTP crystal. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN PHYSICS, 11(6), 3346–3352.