The Angle Trisection Solution (A Compass-Straightedge (Ruler) Construction)


  • Kimuya M Alex Meru University of Science and Technology,



Angle trisection;, An arbitrary angle;, A particular angle;, Compass;, Ruler (Straightedge);, Classical geometry;, GeoGebra Software;, Plane geometry;, Subset; Superset;, Singular angle


This paper is devoted to exposition of a provable classical solution for the ancient Greeks classical geometric problem of angle trisection [3]. (Pierre Laurent Wantzel, 1837),presented an algebraic proof based on ideas from Galois field showing that, the angle trisection solution correspond to an implicit solution of the cubic equation; , which he stated as geometrically irreducible [23]. The primary objective of this novel work is to show the possibility to solve the trisection of an arbitrary angle using the traditional Greeks tools of geometry, and refutethe presented proof of angle trisection impossibility statement. The exposedproof of the solution is theorem , which is based on the classical rules of Euclidean geometry, contrary to the Archimedes proposition of usinga marked straightedge construction [4], [11].


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Kimuya M Alex, Meru University of Science and Technology,

Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Physics



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Alex, K. M. (2017). The Angle Trisection Solution (A Compass-Straightedge (Ruler) Construction). JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS, 13(4), 7308-7332.