Performance Analysis of the Prosopis Juliflora wood Based 10 kWe Downdraft Gasifier



Downdraft Gasifier, Equivalence Ratio, Specific gasification rate


Gasification of solid biomass into gas often referred as producer gas which has higher heating value can be used to operate internal combustion engine. Here  an attempt has been made to  successful gasification of Prosopis Juliflora Wood and identification of optimum equivalence ratios in downdraft double throat gasifier for generation of quality gas for onward generation of power. A small scale downdraft double throat wood gasifier is designed to deliver a power of 10 kWe to run an IC Engine also the the performance analysis like Specific gasification rate , Gas production rate,gas efficiency,fuel consumption rate are prdedicted for given conditions.The optimum equivalence ratio for  wood have been estimated to 0.3, the gas composition( CO,H2) and calorific value of  wood is  observed as  CO = 18.8 %,H2 =12.8 %,CV =1042 Kcal/nm3 .


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