Rodent Control Strategies in Hospitals

  • Abd El-Aleem Saad Desoky Sohag University
Keywords: A Healthcare Facility, Control Process, Hospitals, Integrated Control, Rodents Control


An infestation of rodents in a healthcare facility is especially dangerous because these pests can carry disease and spoil food with the bacteria and viruses they harbor in their saliva and droppings. Exposure to dangerous pathogens could be disastrous for already health-compromised patients. The aim of the study is to implement an integrated control program for rodents inside hospitals and to clarify the most important preventive methods that can be used in the control process and to make some important observations in the application of methods of integrated control of rodents to obtain the best program for rodent control in hospitals.


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Author Biography

Abd El-Aleem Saad Desoky, Sohag University

Professor Assistant of Agricultural Zoology Plant Protection Department
Faculty of Agriculture Sohag University


Desoky, A.S. S. (2018). Review: Rodent Control Strategies in Houses, International Journal of Research Studies in Agricultural Sciences (IJRSAS) Volume 4, Issue 3, 2018, PP 28-31

Desoky, A.S. S. (2018). Review Article :Integrated Pest Management for Rodent in Buildings, Current Investigations in Agriculture and Current Research 4(4)- 2018.

CIACR. MS.ID.000191. DOI: 10.32474/CIACR.2018.04.000191. hospital.

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Desoky, A. E.-A. S. (2019). Rodent Control Strategies in Hospitals. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN AGRICULTURE, 10, 1667-1668.

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