Oxidative Study of Benzaldehyde by Isoqauinolinium Bromo Chromate

  • Arun Kumar Dwivedi A.P.S. University
  • K. N. Sharma Auto.P.G.College Sidhi
  • Arvind Prasad Dwivedi Auto.P.g. College Sidhi
Keywords: kinetics, Stoichiometry, Excellent, Photosensitivity, Errror


The kinetics analysis of the oxidative reaction between benzaldehyde and oxidant is quinolinium Bromo chromate was reported in aqueous 40% acetic acid medium at 313 K. The rate of reaction varies first-power of [IQBC] and [H2SO4], whereas fractional-order kinetics was observed for benzaldehyde. The rate constant gradually increases with decrease in dielectric constant of the medium. The neutral salt does not alter the rate. The metal cations (Cu++) slightly accelerate the rate of oxidation when added to reaction mixture. The study rules out the participation of keto form of substrate in complex formation. Benzoic acid was identified as the end-product in stoichiometrically 1:1 based mechanism. The rate law was derived in accordance with the kinetic results.


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Author Biographies

Arun Kumar Dwivedi, A.P.S. University

Department of Chemistry, A.P.S. University, Rewa-486003 (M.P.) India

K. N. Sharma, Auto.P.G.College Sidhi

Department of Chemistry, Govt. S.G.S.Govt. Auto.P.G.College Sidhi M.P.India

Arvind Prasad Dwivedi, Auto.P.g. College Sidhi

Department of Chemistry, Govt. Sanjay Gandhi Smrati, College, India


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