Virtual Machine Selection Algorithm Based on User Requirements in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment


  • Rashid Alakbarov Institute of Information Technology



mobile clouds computing, mobile equipment, computation and memory resources, virtual machines, communication channel, trustworthiness


The article analyzes the advantages of mobile cloud technologies and problems emerging during the use of those. The network infrastructure created based on cloudlets at the second level of mobile cloud computing with hierarchical structure is analyzed. At the same time, the article explores the issues of satisfaction of demand of mobile equipment for computing and memory resources by using these technologies. The article presents one solution for the allocation of mobile user requests in virtual machines created in cloudlets located near base stations of wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN) in a balanced way by considering the technical capacity of those. Alongside, the article considers the solution of user problem during designated time and the issue of determining virtual machines satisfying other requirements. For this purpose, different characteristics of the stated problem, virtual machines, as well as communication channels between a user and virtual machines are considered. By using possible values determining the importance of cloudlets, conditions for loading software applications of a user to a virtual machine are explored and an appropriate method is proposed.


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