• Sukhbhinder Kaur Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SBSSTC, Ferozepur, Punjab.
  • Mr. Navtej Singh Ghumman Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SBSSTC, Ferozepur, Punjab.




Cloud Computing, SLA, Green Computing, Power Saving, skewness


Cloud Computing is a technology that provides a platform for sharing of resources such as software, infrastructure, application and other information. Cloud Computing is being used widely all over the world, as it provides benefits to the users like cost saving and ease of use. The research work focuses on the study of task scheduling mechanism in cloud. The main goal is to reduce the power consumption by datacenters. Energy efficient scheduling of workload help to reduce the consumption of energy in datacenters thus helps in better usage of resources. An improved power saving algorithm is proposed by combining the task classification along with VM skewness algorithm with different scaling options. Skewness is used to quantify the unevenness in utilization of multiple resources on the server. Our purposed algorithm calculate the skewness factor of all Virtual Machines and based upon its value. The proposed approach is performing and shows a decrease in response time, waiting time, processing cost and overall electrical power consumed. The study can be further extended by applying the proposed algorithm on actual Cloud Computing environment and we can also integrate various energy saving technologies into data centers to reduce energy consumption.


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