Review: Automatic Semantic Image Annotation


  • Shereen A. Hussein Computer Science Department, Helwan University, Cairo
  • Howida Youssry Abd El Naby Computer Science Department, Misr University for Science & Technology, Cairo
  • Aliaa A. A. Youssif Computer Science Department, Helwan University, Cairo



Image indexing, Visual Features, Content-Based Image Retrieval, Image annotation, Semantic Image annotation, Semantic Gap


There are many approaches for automatic annotation in digital images. Nowadays digital photography is a common technology for capturing and archiving images because of the digital cameras and storage devices reasonable price. As amount of the digital images increase, the problem of annotating a specific image becomes a critical issue. Automated image annotation is creating a model capable of assigning terms to an image in order to describe its content. There are many image annotation techniques that seek to find the correlation between words and image features such as color, shape, and texture to provide an automatically correct annotation words to images which provides an alternative to the time consuming work of manual image annotation. This paper aims to cover a review on different Models (MT, CRM, CSD-Prop, SVD-COS and CSD-SVD) for automating the process of image annotation as an intermediate step in image retrieval process using Corel 5k images.


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