An efficient Scheme to Remove Low Density Impulse Noise From A Digital Image


  • Dr. Jihad N. Abdeljalil Al-Balqa Applied University/ Faculty of Engineering Technology,Amman



Impulse Noise, Noisy Image, MSE, PSNR, IIR, FIR


An improved adaptive noise reduction scheme for images that are highly corrupted by Salt-and-Pepper noise(impulse noise), is proposed in this paper which efficiently removes the salt and pepper noise while preserving the details. The proposed scheme efficiently identifies and reduces salt and pepper noise. The algorithm utilizes an IIR filter with controlled parameters to get better image quality than the existing methods of noise removing. A comparative analysis between the proposed scheme and other techniques of noise reduction or removing is presented in order to show the advantages of the proposed scheme in removing the noisy pixels and producing a better PSNR.


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