Dog Nose to E-Nose in Disease Diagnosis


  • Koushlesh Ranjan SVP University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Rajeev Singh



Dog, e nose, special senses, disease diagnosis, Cancer


Dog has natural gift of better smelling power which can be exploited for several purposes and disease diagnosis is one amongst them. The work on the use of dog nose in disease diagnosis is in preliminary stage. The electronic noses/e-noses are sensor based physical devices which are used to detect and analyse the various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) specific for health disorders including cancer to metabolic and infectious diseases. The sensor based disease diagnosis is also in preliminary stage. The data generated through studies conducted on disease diagnosis using one of the best noses of the universe may improve the sensitivity and specificity of existing e-noses to add par and this refined artificial intelligence, web data bases and sophisticated hardware and software may play in future a major role in field of diagnosis, monitoring and surveillance of human and animal diseases.


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Author Biographies

Koushlesh Ranjan, SVP University of Agriculture and Technology

Assistant Professor (Veterinary Biochemistry/Biotechnology) Department of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry SVP University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut, India, 250110

Rajeev Singh

College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut- 250 110, India




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Ranjan, K., & Singh, R. (2018). Dog Nose to E-Nose in Disease Diagnosis. JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN BIOLOGY, 11, 2294–2306.