Enhancement of quality of service (QoS) in IEEE 802.11

  • Ababakr Ibrahim Rasul Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Soran University, Kurdistan Region
  • Diyar Salah Fadhil Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Soran University, Kurdistan Region
Keywords: IEEE 802.11, RTS/CTS, DCF, quality of service (QoS)


Today everyone is living in a gold rush of wireless communication worldwide. If we look around, we will find wireless communication happening everywhere. In our home, small routers are providing us with wireless access to the internet in offices, shopping centers, cafes, universities, and so on. In this article, a mechanism has been introduced by combining service differentiation and packet aggregation in IEEE 802.11-based WMNs. The result is IEEE802.11b is the most reliable standard among all other wireless standards. Changes required in modulation techniques so that their overhead can be decreased and data can travel in more effective and efficient way.


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