Secure and Distributed On-Demand Randomized Routing in WSN


  • V. Upendran Research Scholar,Department of Computer Science, Bharathiar University Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
  • R. Dhanapal Principal, K.C.S Kasinadar college of Arts and Science, Chennai – Tamil Nadu



Altruism, Particle Swarm Optimization, Routing, Security, Selfishness, Wireless Sensor Networks


Security and energy efficiency is of paramount importance in a wireless sensor network. This is due to their vulnerable
deployment conditions and battery based power. This paper presents a secure and distributed algorithm that generates
routes on-demand in a wireless sensor network. Dynamic route generation is facilitated by PSO, a metaheuristic
technique. Current network traffic in that route and charge contained in the candidate node are used as evaluation
parameters along with the node distance, hence a huge reduction in the packet loss was observed. Experiments were
conducted and it was observed that the proposed algorithm exhibits very low selection overhead and also provides
distributed routs, which eventually lead to prolonged network lifetime.


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