A Bootstrap Aggregating Technique on Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data Clustering


  • S Pavan Kumar Reddy VITS - PDTR
  • U Sesadri HOD of CSE




BSA, Clustering, categorical data, cluster ensembles, link-based similarity, data mining.


Although attempts have been made to solve the problem of clustering categorical data via cluster ensembles, with the results being competitive to conventional algorithms, it is observed that these techniques unfortunately generate a final data partition based on incomplete information. The underlying ensemble-information matrix presents only cluster-data point relations, with many entries being left unknown. The paper presents an analysis that suggests this problem degrades the quality of the clustering result, and it presents a BSA (Bootstrap Aggregation) is a machine learning ensemble meta-algorithm designed to improve the stability and accuracy along with a new link-based approach, which improves the conventional matrix by discovering unknown entries through similarity between clusters in an ensemble. In particular, an efficient BSA and link-based algorithm is proposed for the underlying similarity assessment. Afterward, to obtain the final clustering result, a graph partitioning technique is applied to a weighted bipartite graph that is formulated from the refined matrix. Experimental results on multiple real data sets suggest that the proposed link-based method almost always outperforms both conventional clustering algorithms for categorical data and well-known cluster ensemble techniques.


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Author Biographies

S Pavan Kumar Reddy, VITS - PDTR

M Tech (CSE)

U Sesadri, HOD of CSE





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Reddy, S. P. K., & Sesadri, U. (2013). A Bootstrap Aggregating Technique on Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data Clustering. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS &Amp; TECHNOLOGY, 10(8), 1913–1921. https://doi.org/10.24297/ijct.v10i8.1468



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