Navigating the Storm: A Qualitative Exploration of American College Students Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Tony Bobadilla Nazareth University



college students, pandemic, coronavirus, higher education


This qualitative phenomenological study delved into the lived experiences of college students amid the COVID-19 pandemic, unraveling themes of worry for others, helplessness, and hope, minimization of impact, understanding, and information. By exploring students' understanding of the coronavirus debut, investigating their knowledge about the pandemic, and identifying mental health impacts, this research offers crucial implications for higher education. Recruiting thirty college students nationwide through snowball sampling and employing virtual semi-structured interviews, Moustakas' modified data analysis approach revealed common themes that clustered into three major domains: psychological, educational, and knowledge. This study provides valuable insights into the multifaceted impacts of the pandemic on college students, paving the way for informed strategies to support their well-being and educational journey.


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