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KHALSA PUBLICATIONS en-US INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN EDUCATION METHODOLOGY 2278-7690 <p>Authors retain the copyright of their manuscripts, and all Open Access articles are distributed under the terms of the&nbsp;<a href="">Creative Commons Attribution License</a>, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.</p> Students’ attitude towards Undergraduate Foundation Mathematics Remediation in a HE institution in a Gulf Country <p>This study outline causes why Foundation Mathematics students are reluctant to access support and remedial structures that are put in place to enable them to achieve their academic goals.&nbsp; The study was conducted using a survey method which included administering a structured questionnaire and one-to-one focused group discussions with students. The study aims to discuss the common tendency of students towards mathematics remediation programmes. This study centred on students’ perceptions regarding the teaching &amp; Learning of Mathematics, specifically, however, the educational surroundings impacts their perceptions as students of Mathematics in terms of confidence, anxiety, enjoyment, motivation, and therefore the connection of Mathematics in personal and skilled Experiences. Data obtained from this study indicated that factors contributing to poor performance include lack of motivation, poor attitude of students towards Mathematics courses and retrogressive practices. It is envisaged that rising on these factors and sensitization of students to discard practices that proscribe learner’s effective participation in finding out the topic may improve their performance in mathematics. It is likely that improved mathematics performance will give learners opportunities to pursue mathematics-related HE degree programmes at higher institutions of learning.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Nehru Erode Santhanam Ritu Shrivastava George Toworfe Copyright (c) 2019 Nehru Erode Santhanam, Ritu Shrivastava, George Toworfe 2019-02-20 2019-02-20 10 3359 3367 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.7761 A Teaching-learning about optimization problems: a close up through the use of GeoGebra software <p>A teaching-learning proposal is described for the treatment of optimization problems in the pre-university student. The theoretical-methodological elements fall into the heuristic principles and resources and the use of GeoGebra software, on this basis is conceived the identification, selection and formalization of the way of solution, control and assessment as fundamental stages. This work contributes to a proposal to approach the treatment of the study of the variation of the functions, prior to the classic presentation of the mathematical content using the derivative.</p> Armando Morales Efren Marmolejo Vega Edgardo Locia Espinoza Alejo López González Angie Damián Mojica Copyright (c) 2019 Armando Morales, Efren Marmolejo Vega, Edgardo Locia Espinoza, Alejo López González, Angie Damián Mojica 2019-02-20 2019-02-20 10 3368 3376 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.8090 Recent Approaches of Partitioning a Set into Overlapping Clusters, Distance Metrics and Evaluation Measures <p>This paper reviews recently proposed overlapping co-clustering approaches and related evaluation measures. An overlap captures multiple views of the partitions in data set, hence is more expressive than traditional flat partitioning approaches. We present a graph-theoretic formulation of co-clustering which allows nodes to possess multiple memberships and hence finds usage in diverse applications like text mining, web mining, collaborative filtering and community detection. We also study proposed quality measures specifically adjusted to overlapping scenarios.particular subject.</p> Gursimran Pal Sahil Kakkar Copyright (c) 2019 Gursimran Pal, Sahil Kakkar 2019-09-05 2019-09-05 10 3377 3383 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.8403 Scientific Substantiation of the Use of the Environmentally Safe Water-Saving Irrigation System in the Conditions of the Insufficient Wet Area of Azerbaijan. <p>It should be recognized that the Republic of Azerbaijan has a leash of 14% of the water supply in the whole of Transcaucasia. Then, when the interim water balance of the republic is 32.29 million km<sup>3</sup>. However, in the best case, the water years with a 95% supply due to neighboring water atheria, this figure reaches up to 20 million km , as well as in shallow years, the republic will only reduce it to 17.0 million km3. water. That is, there is an acute shortage of water in the country. For the rational use of already limited water resources, it is necessary to switch to modern progressive irrigation methods using small-scale mechanization and automation of irrigation. The current technical equipment for irrigation does not always meet the requirements of the specific conditions of Azerbaijan. Our proposed irrigation system can be successfully used in various soil, climatic and difficult geographic conditions in the country, which was tested in the country with certifying indicators as crop yields increased to 38-50%, when irrigation water of 3 or more was saved times, while maintaining the ecological balance of the environment.</p> Prof.RAE. Z.H. Aliyev Copyright (c) 2019 Prof.RAE. Z.H. Aliyev 2019-10-15 2019-10-15 10 3384 3388 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.8447 Agrochemıcal Indıcatıons of the Deposıts of Azerbaıjan and Effect of Erosıon Process on Plant Productıvıty <p>Taking all these into account, it is important to increase the fertility of the soil from the erosion process in Ismayilli and to prevent the washing of fodder crops from perennial herbs. The cultivation of these plants in the mountainous regions protects the slopes from the terrible erosion process and provides the animals with a strong fodder. It is proved by the results of the research that restoration of fertility and ecological balance of erosion lands and the implementation of soil-agro-technical measures to increase productivity are of great importance. Due to the application of these measures, I, as a result of improving the water and physical properties of the affected land, prevent surface water flows. In addition, the results of the study have been proven by the fact that, for certain reason, erosion and erosion hazards are most likely to be taken over by the sowing of perennial herbs. Thus, perennial herbs, in particular, accumulate the nitrogen atmosphere of the legumes, enriches the soil with organic matter, accelerates the formation of water-resistant granular - topical structure and improves its water-physical properties, which in turn facilitates the rapid digestion of foodstuffs</p> Zakir Aliyev Huseyn Oqli Copyright (c) 2019 zakir aliyev huseyn oqli 2019-10-15 2019-10-15 10 3389 3397 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.8450 Automated Answer Scoring for Engineering’s Open-Ended Questions <p>Audience Response System (ARS), like “clicker,” has proven their effectiveness in students’ engagement and in enhancing their learning. Apart from close-ended questions, ARS can help instructors to pose open-ended questions. Such questions are not scored automatically for that Automated Text Scoring; ATS is vastly used. This paper presents the findings of the development of an intelligent Automated Text Scoring, iATS, which provides instantaneous scoring of students’ responses to STEM-related factual questions. iATS is integrated with an Audience Response System (ARS), known as iRes, which captures students’ responses in traditional classrooms environment using smartphones. iATS Research is conducted to code and test three Natural Language Processing (NLP), text similarity methods. The codes were developed in PHP and Python environments. Experiments were performed to test Cosine similarity, Jaccard Index and Corpus-based and knowledge-based measures, (CKM), scores against instructor’s manual grades. The research suggested that the cosine similarity and Jaccard index are underestimating with an error of 22% and 26%, respectively. CKM has a low error (18%), but it is overestimating the score. It is concluded that codes need to be modified with a corpus developed within the knowledge domain and a new regression model should be created to improve the accuracy of automatic scoring.</p> Muhammad S Ahmed Copyright (c) 2019 Muhammad S Ahmed 2019-10-30 2019-10-30 10 3398 3406 10.24297/ijrem.v10i0.8495